Testimonials for Christy Helou

Testimonials for Christy Helou

“ Christy has been my life coach for over two years. She has been a light to me while traveling through a dark tunnel. I wanted to change my life and Christy has been there every step of the way, guiding and giving great wisdom/insight on issues that I couldn’t see myself. Through trials and tribulations she has helped me by consistently redirecting my focus on the most important things in life. She has helped me maintain and build a great prayer life. My Faith is getting stronger each day. I thank God for sending me an awesome life coach. ”

-Patricia, Maryland

“ Christy is discerning, non-judgmental, and a prayer advocate who gets right to the heart of the matter. This journey from failure, fear & guilt to growth, maturity & Faith is not easy, quick or painless, however, it is worth the hard work, sweat and tears. The growth is undeniable…..my voice, my calling, my purpose and my strength are clearer each day as I lay claim to Christ’s Promises. I am grateful that during this journey Christy Helou has consistently pointed this beautifully flawed and broken woman back to Christ because as Jesus Tells us in Mark 10:27 “With man it is impossible, but not with God. For all things are possible with God. ”

-Jessica, Maryland

“ Christy has truly been a Godsend to me. Her approach is no-nonsense, succinct, insightful and compassionate. She has provided me with a mirror, attached to a compass with which to see and navigate life, allowing me to make clear and more sound judgments. My years of therapy and medication have not even come close to making as much sense or impact as having Christy as my life coach has. I highly recommend her skills…from anyone who needs help with making a decision, to overcoming addiction, or someone dealing with a complex dysfunctional past. ”

-Norma, Maryland

“ I was ready to make a change in my life when I began meeting with Christy a little over two years ago. I was facing so many challenges that I could not separate the urgent from the trivial, professionally or personally. In her always supportive, but very grounded approach, Christy began to guide me on the path to letting go of that which was negative and inhibiting, and embracing that which is positive and beneficial. Christy is gifted with keen discernment and sound judgment, and is able to provide deep insights. On the other hand, she brings life experience and a wonderful sense of humor to our sessions. She asks the right questions to uncover that which needs to be brought out into the light. She has kept me accountable and on track toward my goals. Christy has helped me develop the confidence and focus in order to take steps that I never thought I could take. I wholeheartedly recommend Christy as a Life Coach for anyone who sincerely desires focus and clarity on the path to wholeness. ”

-Sheila, Maryland

“ Christy is more than willing to offer wisdom from her own life experience. She has a nonjudgmental attitude and is refreshingly honest and direct. She asks just the right questions to assist in probing your own mind for the answers to living the life you most want. I always look forward to our talks. ”

-Kathy, Maryland

“ I find Christy to be a supportive and direct Life Coach. Our meetings help me navigate my way through potential pitfalls and keep me focused, clear and persistent about my goals and aspirations. She has a gift for tuning into what is needed in the moment while always guiding me in a positive direction. She is a clear and intelligent voice – – and I leave feeling more in tune with myself and enthused to take the next step on my journey. ”

-Paul, New York

“ Christy has been my Life Coach for over nine years. She has helped me see what I wouldn’t have seen on my own. She has been a great sounding board over the years. She has helped me see my talents, potentials and how to deal with life’s challenges. I highly recommend her as a superior Life Coach. ”

-Barbara, Maryland